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Lil Bean
St. Albert, Alberta Canada
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    St. Albert Alberta, Canada
    T8N 2H4
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    Hey there! Thanks for visiting. I'm Laura and I'm a happily married SAHM to the kids in my photos. We live in Alberta, Canada.

    Lil Bean was started soon after the birth of our first son (our lil bean!). We had many comments and questions on the stretchy wrap we use every day, so I made a few for friends with new babies. When we take walks and go shopping, people are still always asking about the wrap. So I decided to start making them for others too. It's important to me to promote babywearing as a means of keeping baby close, or even just for ease of taking baby along wherever a parent needs to go.

    You'll also find a variety of other things here that I make which I found useful with my little people that are hard to find elsewhere. I can custom-make things too, if there’s something you don’t see here.

    I hope you enjoy using Lil Bean products as much as I do making them!

    - Laura
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